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Monday, 13 June 2011

Car registration

license plate

My car license is due for renewal later this month. Normally, it’s a matter of renewing the car insurance then going to the Hong Kong Licensing Office at 3/F United Centre 95 Queensway (there are several offices) with a cheque book, identity card and proof of address. You are advised to book an appointment either online on the Transport Department website or by calling 37608080. At the Office, the procedure is straightforward, fill in form TD 855 and pay the fee at the counter – easy. If you don’t mind waiting, you could even apply for a vehicle license by post.

My car was manufactured in 2004 which means that that my car is more than 6 year sold when I renew the license. Private cars are required to be examined every year when they are over 6 years old. To get a Certificate of Roadworthiness, I had to bring my car to a Car Testing Centre. Well, actually, my ever so helpful car mechanic did this for me. Mr. Wong picked up my car, serviced it and took it to a Car Testing Centre in Quarry Bay. There is a $530 testing fee.

(One word of caution, the Transport Department website is a maze.)

I spy 4 over-ripe bananas in my fruit bowl. So perhaps today is banana cake day.


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