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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Snowy mooncake 冰皮月饼

I have a great passion for mochi so when the opportunity came to attend a “snowy mooncake” making class, I signed up straight away. Since I love the traditional mooncakes, I have never had snowy mooncakes before.

My thinking is, if I learn to make snowy mooncakes perhaps I could make them “off season” – win-win, right? Have traditional mooncakes when they are available to purchase then make the snowy variety when mooncake festival is over!

Well, the snowy mooncakes I took home from class is a disappointment. The ones I made certainly looked like the ones at the shops, so I was quite pleased. However, as always, it’s the taste that matters. The pastry is tough, not chewy, light and soft. The question is – is the problem the recipe or is it my technique? I guess I should have asked to try the ones made by the instructor during class. Of the 6 fillings used during class, 4 were pre-made, store bought. And of the remaining two which were made in class, one was plain green bean and the other, black sesame. In the picture of the snowy mooncakes I made, the purple one is yam flavoured, the pink is strawberry, the orange is mango (bottom right) and the white ones are either plain or coconut flavoured. There is a pale green one, but it looks almost white in the picture. That’s melon flavour.
Snowy mooncakes made by myself during class

So now, I have resolved to get me some snowy mooncakes from the bakery to find out what I should aspire to. This could open up a whole new avenue for my research. I have a recipe book on mochi making and it includes a recipe for snowy mooncake, so perhaps I should try that out. I know that a baking supplies shop in Wanchai stocks ingredients for snowy mooncakes, which I almost bought last year but didn't. The ingredient sets included instructions on how to make them. I will definitely let you know if I find a good recipe.

Scene from class

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