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Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The Best Doughnuts in Hong Kong

doughnut from Barcelona

No kidding – I have found the best doughnuts in Hong Kong. I am quite a doughnut supremo from way back. I have sampled my way through thousands of doughnuts over 25 years. I used to have quite a reputation at work for being able to eat my way through a whole bag full of hot jam ball doughnuts from the carts at Victoria Market in Melbourne. By the way, if you are ever in Melbourne – let me know if that’s still where you get the best hot jam ball doughnuts. Here's a picture of a doughnut I had in Barcelona recently (I'm not exaggerating when I say I have a 'thing' about doughnuts!) - and just for the record, it was not nearly as good as the ones I am about to recommend.

Let’s talk about the ones here in Hong Kong. These ones are the plain ring shaped doughnuts. They are soft and not dry. They don’t smell of stale oil and have just the right amount of sugar and NO cinnamon. That’s how I like my doughnuts – no cinnamon. And the bakery is consistent – I have been buying from this bakery for the last 4 months and am yet to be disappointed. In case you think I am plugging for the bakery, I am not. I don’t know anyone who works at or owns the bakery. I just have very soft spot for doughnuts and I am so pleased to find great ones! I wouldn’t recommend anything else at this bakery, by the way.

A must try. Meanwhile,Doughnuts Kings Bakery feast your eyes:

Hong Kong's best doughutsDoughnuts Kings Bakery Happy Valley

OK, so where’s this bakery? It’s situated along Sing Woo Road in Happy Valley and its called King’s Bakery. Bon apetit!


Randomblogger680 said...

Are you sure it's in Sing Woo Road? Because I just put King's Bakery in google maps and only found one in Sai Ying Pum.

#3 said...

King's Bakery on Sing Woo Road is at the corner of Sing Woo Road and Min Fat Street.

In fact if you use Google Maps, you will see a photograph of he bakery.

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