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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

10 things to do to have a better day

Tree in Hong Kong Park

I woke up this morning thinking - how can I add a spring to my step today? I am not thinking sea changes but little things that will make a difference; things that I can do straightaway and with little effort.

Here is my list of top 10 things to do to have a great day:

  1. Breathe deeply
  2. Put a smile on my face and keep it there the rest of the day
  3. Leave the car at home – walk, take the bus or the MTR and do my bit for the environment
  4. Greet everyone I meet and pause to expect a response
  5. Make eye contact
  6. Call someone I have been meaning to contact– not email or sms
  7. Meet someone for lunch – don’t eat alone
  8. Enjoy my meals – live to eat and not eat just to live
  9. Let loose and laugh, see the brighter side of life
  10. Pause and consider the other person’s point of view

And tomorrow I will add these to my list ……

  1. Wake up 10 minutes earlier and do some stretches in bed whilst listening to my favorite music
  2. Sit down for some breakfast before I leave home
  3. Put all my regular bills on autopay – it saves time and hassles
  4. Attend to that little chore that I have been putting off the last 3 days and get it off my plate

Have a great day everyone!

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