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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Is this not very unhygienic?

I was out shopping in Happy Valley today when I ducked into an alley to get to the bakery. This is what I spotted airing in the alley:

Here is a close up of what I believe are legs of (parma?) ham:

I can't tell you who these belong to but I can tell you that this alley runs along the back of the row of shops on the short lane called Tsap Cheung Street which joins King Kwong Street and Yuk Sau Street in Happy Valley. Also in the alley was a cat and a lady hosing the back of the shop next door (yellow hose in the top photo).

I can also tell you that if these are legs of parma ham, they are worth a fair amount. At a shop nearby, I noticed a sign advertising parma ham for $150 per 50 gms. BUT, would pay that amount of money if you know where these have been stored? This is not the first time I have come across this scene. One time, a man was washing them, giving them a good scrub right there on the ground! And the tub of water he was dipping his brush in didn't look all that clean either. Ew!

Enough said. Time for dinner.

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