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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Osaka Day 2

Planning to see and experience as much of Osaka as we can today to make full use of our one day subway pass. It costs ¥2,000 for a whole day unliited travel plus pre-paid entranceto a 40 attraction plus discount coupons to restaurants and attractions. Here’s how we spent our day.

Osaka Castle (entrance fee ¥600)
View of Osaka Castle from the main gate

Replica sailing ship, the Santa Maria at Osaka-ko/Osaka Bay (price of ticket ¥1,600)

Ferris wheel, the Tenponzen also at Osaka Bay (price of ticket ¥700)
The Santa Maria - photo taken from the Tenponzen ferris wheel near the  Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

Ferris wheel at HEP FIVE, in the Uemeda area (price of ticket ¥500)

Dotombori River Cruise (price of ticket ¥700)
Night view of Dotombori River

 The total price of entrance tickets we saved was ¥4,100. In addition, the total cost of subway tickets had we bought single tickets as required would have easily cost us upwards of ¥1,500. Did we get value for money? Most certainly. In fact, had it not been such a hot day, we would have gone to a few more places. Also, unfortunately, the Aqua Liner river cruise at the Osaka Castle did not run on Sundays or that would have been another ¥1,600 value. The package also included a ¥900 discount coupon to the Spa World – but we did not make use of it as it is a segregated “nude” spa which meant that we couldn’t spend the time all together . We also would have liked to have visited Uemeda’s Floating Garden Observatory (¥700) but it seemed like a trek in the heat from the nearest subway station. There’s always next time……..All told, I was very satisfied with my all-day subway pass.

We are heading to Kyoto tomorrow. Nice!

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