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Saturday, 4 June 2011

Books about Hong Kong

If you are wondering what you could do on this weekend, perhaps some light reading wouldn’t go astray. Two books that I found both amusing and quite honest about life in Hong Kong are “The Hong Kong Joke Book” by Nury Vittachi and “Maotai, Mooncakes and Monks: Misadventures in Hong Kong and China” by Jessica Bellas. Both authors are non-native Hong Kong residents and both offer insights only an outsider can. Nury Vittachi writes extensively about life in Hong Kong and a weekly column in the Far East Economic Review, covering some of the stranger and funnier happenings in Asia. Nury Vittachi has been introduced simply as Hong Kong’s best selling English language author.

In the foreword to Maotai, Mooncakes and Monks, Nury Vittachi writes “Forget the expert guide. Sometimes the most telling word-painting are those done by new arrivals.”


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