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Monday, 18 June 2012

Airport Express

Did you know that the Hong Kong Airport Express now runs every 10 minutes? I believe this was shortened from once every 12 minutes.

The 35.3km journey between the HK International Airport and Hong Kong Station in Central (last stop) takes about 24 minutes.

I found this announcement on the MTR website:

Take a taxi as a feeder to enjoy Airport Express offer!

Enjoy 50% OFF Airport Express! From now until 30 June 2012, passengers can enjoy 50% off Airport Express from Kowloon Station or Tsing Yi Station to the Airport when using an Octopus Card. Simply present your taxi receipt of $60 or above on the date of issue at the Customer Service Centre of the two stations.

A lot more people should know about this offer. All told, the Airport Express is a great service.

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iqrar khan said...

wow the metro airport express buses was so comfortable for the passengers and also prices discount.
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