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Friday, 20 April 2012


There is a new food outlet on level 1 of the IFC Mall, next to CitySuper called Garrett Popcorn Shops. They sell a variety of "fresh made" popcorn both sweet and savoury. I sampled the cheese and the caramel flavoured ones. Both were definitely stronger in flavour than the ones at the cinema. The counter staff looked like they were having a quiet day so I thought, "why not?". I bought the smallest bag of the cheese flavoured one. I expected warm or even hot popcorn ("fresh made") but it was only a slightly warm when I picked the bag up. I had the popcorn about two hours later by which time the popcorn was already chewy. What more, it was very salty and greasy. It was not possible to have more than a handful without needing a drink. Perhaps the caramel one would have kept better? Anyway, I did not pick the caramel flavoured one because it was far too sweet and I knew that whilst the little sample was nice, it would not have been possible to enjoy a bagful. The popcorn is sold in a variety of sizes but I cannot imagine why anyone would want to get more than a little bag as the popcorn definitely does not keep well.

Garrett Popcorn Shops - IFC Mall Hong Kong


Cheese popcorn - $49

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