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Saturday, 24 March 2012

Election for Chief Executive of Hong Kong

So this is it. The night before THE DAY. How the tables have turned. Like they say, a day is a very long time in politics. 6 months ago, it seemed Henry Tang was the shoo-in. Even 2 months ago, it still seemed like he was invincible. And now, CY Leung seems like he has pulled ahead.

Well, I think that it is important that the matter is resolved tomorrow. The politicking and mud slinging has gone on long enough. I don't think I'd like to see another few months of this fiasco in the event that none of the candidates receive the requisite minimum of 601 votes. Possibly with one or two new candidates and probably with also the same ones. To what end? I'd like to think that all the factions have laid their best cards on the table (if not why not?) and the existing 3 candidates are the best of the breed. So why bother to have another round of politicking? What is obvious is that politicking is a new profession in Hong Kong. Dare I say - what we have had to date are more akin to administrators.

Well, I do hope that whichever candidate wins tomorrow's election appreciates the opportunity to prove himself and most importantly, remembers that public office in a democracy is a privilege not a right. May the best man win! The people in Hong Kong deserve that much. Most importantly, may all the politicians, the Public Service and the people of Hong Kong bear in mind that it is important to re-unite for the sake of the economy and for the welfare of the people. Thank you to all three candidates (CY Leung, Henry Tang Yin Yen and Albert Ho) for campaigning vigorously.

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