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Monday, 23 January 2012

Postcard from Bangkok

I am on a trip to Bangkok and was taken by the jumble of overhead cables - see photograph below. Definitely, there were telephone cables in that bundle – as you can see from the photograph of a telephone booth. But, I wondered if there were also electricity cables. Walking up the stairs to catch a ride on the Skytrain, I could have reached out and touched these cables and wondered if it is a safety hazard?

overhead cablestelephone cables

Hope you are all having a great time celebrating the Lunar New Year with your family and friends. I am so glad to escape the freezing temperatures in Hong Kong - it’s sizzling hot here in Bangkok. I went to the massive Chatuchak Weekend Market (nicknamed JJ Market) with a reputed 15,000 stalls yesterday. It’s conveniently located near the Mo Chit Skytrain stop. What a monstrous jumble. I had no idea where to start when I got there. The cold juice straight from a freshly opened green coconut was definitely the highlight of the trip. The tourist brochure says you can find everything there, even live snakes – well I can’t verify that as I did not see any but I can definitely say that it would not surprise me if I did.

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