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Monday, 5 December 2011

Gingerbread Cookies

In preparation for Christmas, I have been looking up recipes for gingerbread cookies recently. I think it's always nice to give something home made in addition to the store bought gifts. It just seems a lot more thoughtful. Anyhow, I have a recipe from a friend from Norway. It's her mother's tried and tested recipe which she so kindly shared with me. But the trouble is, it looks so complicated. Then I came across a recipe in the South China Morning Post yesterday (Sunday) which is less complicated. Which recipe should I try?? Then, voila, I came across a gingerbread man cookie kit in the supermarket! All I need for the cookies is butter, honey and water; and for the frosting, butter, icing sugar and milk. In the box are a flour mix for the cookies and a vanilla frosting mix plus a gingerbread man cookie cutter. For $48, it seems like a reasonable price to pay for 12 "sandwich" cookies. I know it does seem like a cop out, but maybe after I get the hang of the technique of mixing, rolling and cutting, then, I'll move on to the "start from scratch recipes".

Here's what the "kit" looks like (snowman and tinsel tree not included :0) :-

gingerbread man cookie kit

This will be my project this week. If the cookies turn out well, I'll be making more in a couple of weeks to share with my family and friends over Christmas.

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