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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Minute breaks in Central

Waterfall in HK Park I am discovering a few pretty spots in our urban jungle. Hong Kong Park remains my favourite "city oasis" at the moment.

waterfall in Hong Kong Park

I will be the first to admit though that it does have its limitations - you do have to just linger and be taken in by your immediate surroundings; ignore the signs that indicate you are in a man made park in the middle of the city. For example, look at this next photograph of the same waterfall:

Enjoy the beautiful flora and ignore the pots:


However, if you do not like to leave the air conditioned comfort of indoors for too long, you could try out the rooftop of IFC Mall. Its a public space, so you are welcome to bring your lunch to enjoy the outdoors without having to put up with the toxic fumes of traffic pollution at ground level.
IFC Mall rooftop
Or if you are truly truly too pressed for time for anything else, you could at least linger a while enjoy the art work or other displays in the lobby of large buildings in Central such as this sculpture in the lobby of Jardine House:
Sculpture Shopping Plaque of sculpture Shopping

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