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Friday, 20 May 2011

$100 million dream

The Mark 6 lottery draw tonight will be a big one! The estimated first prize in tonight’s draw is estimated to reach $100 million. This will be the largest jackpot topping the nearly $71 million payout in 2003.

Does money buy happiness? Well, I’d certainly like to find out for myself. OK, so realistically, in Hong Kong, $100 million does not make one fabulously wealthy nor will it generate invitations to uber cool parties. What then will I be able to afford with a cool $100 million? Well, definitely not the 5,500 sq ft house on Severn Road, The Peak which has an asking price of $280 million nor the 5,545 sq ft house on La Salle Road, Kowloon with an asking price of $120 million. I’d have to settle for the more modest 4,267 sq ft fully detached house (with a huge 8,000 sq ft garden, mind you) in Sai Kung (asking price $100 million) or perhaps, a 4,094 sq ft house in Regalia Bay for an affordable $70 million. The house in Regalia Bay would earn me rental on $170,000 per month. That should be enough for me to retire in comfort with my very modest lifestyle….

OK so, I need to head out and buy myself a winning ticket. Wish me luck! I wonder what are the odds of winning the first prize and not having to share it with a few other just-as-lucky people?

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